D3 Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate investment and brokerage firm. Our leadership team bridges passive investors to institutional quality investment opportunities via real estate syndication. Our experienced broker and sales associates focus on connecting buyers and sellers in the South Florida residential and commercial markets.

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Asset Management

D3 Real Estate Group offers sophisticated investors and family offices opportunities to passively invest in income producing assets. We strategically target underperforming mid-sized (50-150 units) class B and C value-add multifamily assets in thriving markets with strong fundamentals. D3 enhances its communities through a customized and budgeted value-add project to each acquisition, through capital improvements, rebranding, and strengthening operational processes. As the sponsor, D3 handles all asset management functions from start to finish, including but not limited to:

  • Sourcing
  • Negotiation
  • Underwriting
  • Debt placement
  • Repositioning
  • Operational oversight
  • Recapitalization
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Net cash flow distributions
  • Disposition
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We source, underwrite, negotiate, and secure multifamily assets that fall in line with our investment philosophy.


We unlock value with a strategic and customized plan of action that includes operational enhancements and modernizing the physical components of the properties.


We stabilize assets by working hand in hand with our property management partner to maximize revenue, minimize expenses, and attract high-quality tenants. Additionally, we will recapitalize on value-add projects by refinancing with our debt partners.


We apply a defined exit strategy to each acquisition; however, we will take advantage of any market opportunities to realize excess capital appreciation for our partners.

Sales & Leasing Representation

D3 Real Estate Group offers buyer, seller, tenant, and landlord representation through its brokerage services. As real estate veterans in the residential and commercial markets, our team of sales associates enhance our customers experience by applying a first-class, VIP approach to every relationship. Our team of industry experts conduct property tours, execute sales and leasing strategies, lead contract negotiations, present opinions of value, and much more.

Buyer Representation

Our brokers with our clients every step of the way, whether finding their dream home or desired investment property.

Seller Representation

We treat our client’s property as our own when marketing and listing it for sale.

Tenant Representation

We work with our clients to find their ideal residence or place of work.

Landlord Representation

We diligently work to provide our clients with qualified prospective tenants that will make payments on time and take care of the property as if it’s their own.

We build partnerships

"We're not transactional service providers, we're long-term value creators. At D3 Real Estate Group, service, strategy, and stability are engrained in our DNA."

Yoni Dagan

CEO & Founder, D3 Real Estate Group

Frequently Asked Questions

A special purpose LLC is formed to acquire the subject property, with D|3 acting as the sponsor. Waterfall structures typically include a preferred return between 6-8% and a promoted interest starting at a 70/30 split. All terms depend on each opportunity.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having aligned interests with our partners and skin in the game. We typically make an equity contribution between 5-10% on each acquisition.

D3 Real Estate Group pursues value-add class B and C multifamily assets, with a geographic focus in the southeastern United States.

Investments are currently open to sophisticated and accredited investors. Prospects will have to fill out our questionnaire form to verify their eligibility.

We believe that every deal is unique, however, we generally forecast a 3-7 year hold period.

Investors will receive quarterly reports and quarterly net cash flow distributions via ACH.

Currently, the minimum investment is $100,000 for accredited and sophisticated investors only.

Each investor will receive a K-1 tax form which shows the individual investors portion of earnings, losses, deductions, and credits to report on their personal tax return.

Ready to strengthen your portfolio?

Our investments are currently open to sophisticated partners who meet our eligibility criteria. Please fill out our questionnaire in as much detail as possible, and a member of our team will be in touch.